A Woman's Right To Pleasure

at Sotheby's LA

July 8 - August 12
350 N Camden Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210

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BlackBook Presents and Sotheby’s are proud to invite you to A Woman’s Right to Pleasure , a groundbreaking exhibition that is an exploration of the female experience. Based on our best-selling art book and featuring seminal and emerging women artists, from Georgia O’Keeffe and Tracey Emin to Allison Zuckerman and Jessie Makinson, the exhibition takes an unapologetic look at female pleasure in all its forms.

Pleasure — sexual and otherwise — is rooted in a woman’s right to choose. Choice is about possibilities, and in some ways, women have more options, more possibilities, than ever. In other ways, our culture is still debating whether or not women should have the right to choose at all, which has only been further solidified by the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade. A Woman’s Right To Pleasure is a reclamation of the female body, and a celebration of it, direct from a group of bold and brave women who refuse to keep their choices silent.

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Featured Artists In the Live and Digital Exhibitions

Georgia O’ Keeffe, Tracey Emin, Jenny Holzer, Louise Bourgeois, Leonor Fini, Judy Chicago, Marilyn Minter, Loie Hollowell, Allison Zuckerman, Angela Heisch, Jessie Makinson, Austyn Weiner, Mary Beth Edelson, Hayv Karahman, Katherina Olschbauer, Penny Slinger, Judith Bernstein, Alexandra Rubinstein, Reka Nyari, Natalie Krim, Cecily Brown, Emily Marie Miller, Shara Hughes, Nan Goldin and more.

Based on the Bestselling Art Book



The second edition of our radical new art book with Sothebys, featuring over 75 of the most celebrated womxn artists, writers and creative thinkers of the last century, exploring empowerment, equality, freedom of expression, art, sexuality and pleasure in all its forms.

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"Mystical, delicate, ethereal; bold, brash, satisfied; abstract, symbolic, organic; seductive, whimsical, dangerous; empowering, funny, unsettling; intergenerational, inclusive, intimate; erotic, personal and political — featuring work by pioneering women artists from art history and today, A Woman’s Right To Pleasure offers a radical perspective on what it’s like to be female." — LA Weekly

"A Woman's Right To PLeasure has the potential to expand audience's understanding of what female desire, pleasure, and beauty could look like for themselves and the women in their lives." — Artsy

"It is brilliant and lewd and sexy and long overdue" — Art Plugged

"A Woman's Right To Pleasure is an explosive and titillating coffee table book packed with stimulating illustration, collage, photography, and essays — created by diverse voices and guaranteed to get you hot under the collar" — The Face

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