Mother Nature In the Bardo

Andreas Gursky Engadin, 1995.

Andreas Gursky
Engadin, 1995.

Robert Smithson
Spiral Jetty, 1970. Cavan Images.

Sebnem Coskun
Trash, 2019. Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management.

Ed Ruscha
A Particular Kind of Heaven, 1983

Vincent van Gogh
Arles, May 1888. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)

Pieter Brueghel The Younger
Winter Landscape with Bird Trap, 1565. Ex-Matsukata Collection.


The second installment in our ART+IMPACT series,  Mother Nature in the Bardo, is an exhibition and art book that explores the vast connections we share with the environment, from social, to cultural, and spiritual. Featuring works and writing from the world’s leading emerging contemporary artists–from landscapes by Van Gogh and Monet, to Georgia O’Keeffe’s flowers; land works by Donald Judd and Nancy Holt; photographs by Ansel Adams, Ryan McGinley and Andreas Gursky; sculptures and large-scale installations from Maya Lin, Christo and Jeanne Claude, and Richard Serra; AI paintings by Emma Webster; works by Indigenous artists like Kay Walkingstick; and essays from environmentalists, scientists, cultural critics, and the world’s most powerful NGOs.  Mother Nature in the Bardo is an ode to the Earth.