BlackBook has always been a point of convergence for the arts, culture, and social impact. Founded in 1996 by Evanly Schindler, as a print magazine, publishing and media company, BlackBook was known for its collaborations with prestigious artists, brands, and institutions, mining talent from the subculture and bringing it to the mainstream.

The brand expanded from the U.S. to global markets throughout the 2000s, as they transitioned into digital media, creating original content that addressed vital contemporary social and cultural issues through fashion, art, music, and culture. Since then, the brand has evolved that original ethos to focus on visual art—using art to raise social consciousness.

With our ART+IMPACT series, BlackBook creates large-scale initiatives with the world’s leading artists, writers, galleries, collectors, and creatives focused on art as a catalyst for change.

A Woman's Right to Pleasure installation photo