EarthX Wants You To Invest In A More Sustainable Future

Photo courtesy of EarthX.

Today is Earth Day. Originally started in 1970, the very first Earth Day was launched to raise awareness on the dangers of pollution and to encourage environmental change, eafter an oil spill occurred off the coast of Santa Barbara. Today, the conversation surrounding the environmental protection of our planet is more important than ever. And though the message remains the same, there are now even more steps we can take towards sustainability and environmental justice, whether through art, investment, technology, and the spread of environmental education. The Earth X Congress of Conference brings all of these ideas together with a five day event that joins investors and visionaries for a greener planet. Today marks the first day of the conference. 

Founded by Trammell S. Crow, EarthX is an international, non-profit environmental organization dedicated to educating and inspiring action for a more sustainable future. For the last seven years, the conference has focused on gathering investment firms, global companies, policy makers, and researchers to discuss the opportunities that lie within environmental sustainability and clean technology. Taking place in Dallas, Texas over the next week, the event brings together environmental leaders, business innovators, and government officials to discuss environmental strategies for bettering our planet. 

This year’s summit will also have an investment forum and a range of key speakers on topics from wildlife conservation to sustainable agriculture, including the CEO of Southern Company, Christopher Womack, Paramount’s Amy Campbell, photographer and conservationist Ivan Carter, and venture capitalist and founder of C5 Capital, André Pienaar, among others.

Each day, attendees will attend a variety of lectures featuring speakers on everything from protecting our planet, to investing in our future. The beginning of the week will prioritize topics such as energy and infrastructure, and the end of the week will focus on wildlife and biodiversity. On April 25, CNN Political contributor Van Jones will take the stage to host a lecture about reuniting America through the clean technology transition, and the growth of the circular economy. Jones has also been a key contributor to the conversation around how AI technology can assist in environmental growth.

Within a circular economy, companies must use clean technology, which avoids environmental damage through the use of natural materials to eliminate and reduce the creation of pollutants and waste. The goal is to transition from a fossil fueled economy to an economy empowered by renewable energy. Clean technology is predicted to grow to $9.5 trillion by 2030, opening up potential jobs and investment opportunities across the industry. AI within cleantech has also been brought to the table as smart grids become sought after.

“The future used to be written in laws. Now it’s being written in computer code,” said Jones. “It used to be written in Washington DC, now it’s being written in Silicon Valley… There needs to be an accord between big AI companies and the communities that are being left out.” 

The conference’s mission is to raise awareness and impact investments for environmental sustainability. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, which has become popular in recent years, explores the idea of investing ethically. When companies are based on ESG criteria it allows for investors to determine if they are funding companies that are taking the environment into consideration, and whether or not corporate climate policies are in place. This investment style sets a standard for companies’ behaviors and promotes a socially conscious investor.

There will also be a variety of panels and discussions focused on wildlife conservation, including water conservation, confronting the illegal wildlife trade, recovering America’s Wildlife Act, carbon credits for landowners, and many others. Today, Dr. Sylvia Earle, a marine biologist, oceanographer, and President of Mission Blue, an organization dedicated to exploring and protecting the ocean, will be discussing the importance behind marine protected areas. Dr. Earle has been a longtime advocate for conservation, leading a number of initiatives focused on water. 

Aside from keynote speeches, EarthX 2024 will encourage active participation through its interactive zones, such as the Innovation Hub, where startups and technology companies will showcase their solutions to environmental challenges. Attendees will also have the opportunity to pitch their ideas and compete for a cash prize to support environmental companies that are in their early startup stage. 

The EarthX 2024 Congress of Conferences: Catalyzing Global Change through Collaboration begins April 22 and will run through April 26.